Yoga in Himalayan village

Divine Himalayas is the abode of Lord Shiv. Himalayas have been famous for its rich herbal heritage and mesmerizing beauty.

Why yoga practice in the Himalayas? As we know Shiva is the father of Yoga and the divine Himalayas is the abode of Lord Shiva. So it naturally becomes the home of SHIV-SHAKTI tradition that finds its deep roots here. Shiva is also called as ardhanareshwar , which mines the powers of both masculine and feminine energy. The sacred Vedas were written in this holy region of the Himalayas.

Duration - 5 Days and 6 Nights (Cost - 550 USD. $) (includes shared accommodation, trip to the Himalayas , 3 meals a day and conveyance throughout the stay)

Day 1- Starting our Journey in the morning time towards country side. Having breakfast on the way. While arrive on the destination in the evening, then relaxing with yoga nindra (guided sleep) then dinner.

Day 2- Early morning Asana and Pranayam practice after breakfast with sauntering sightseeing. After that coming back to point of stay with delightful lunch and relaxation followed by evening yoga practice and mantra chanting and after that concluding the day with dinner and going to bed.

Day 3- Early Morning practice with prana power yoga then breakfast, having a chat about lifestyle of Himalayan folk. Then lunch followed by evening yoga practise . finally concluding the day with dinner and satsang( spiritual talk) , then retiring to sleep.

Day 4- Early morning trek to the Himalayan top followed by pranayam practice. Having lunch on the way and coming back to where we stay. Having dinner in the evening and retiring to bed.

Day 5- starting the day with early morning kundalini yoga practice followed by breakfast and after that a trek in the woods to see herbal vegetation of the Himalayan region and how to adopt the same in our lives. After that having lunch and laughter yoga session followed by evening snack and bonne fire , then retiring for sleep.

Day 6- early morning Yoga practice followed by breakfast and coming back to rishikesh the same day. Note-schedule will change according to weather.

Note-schedule is subjected to change as per the season and whether conditions

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