Yoga In Rishikesh

Rishikesh as the word translates to be the “ pinnacle of the seers “ has been a historic , cultural and traditional centre of Vedic civilization since the time the first human culture began settling around the fertile indo gangetic plane. Situated at the doorsteps of the divine Himalayan mountains from where all pathways lead towards the celebrated DEVBHOOMI of uttarakhand it has been a centre of settlement of spiritual masters and great sages and ascetics of our antiquity glorified in the textual tradition of our civilization. Likewise it has been the spiritual and cultural centre since ancient times and in the modern times as well it has famously come to be known as the “ world yoga capital “ as a centre and hub of yogic practices and learning where seekers of yogic wisdom quench their thirst with some of the most talented and gifted scholars and practitioners in the serene and prestine environment amidst the midly flowing ganges river which emerges in the plains of north India leaving behind it’s mountainous abode journeying ahead . it has become the city of spiritual bliss and a world famous escapade for yoga students and those searching for universal truth and self realization. One of the holiest cities on the banks of the ganges river a legend tells how this multicultural city got it’s name. It is said that a revered sage soma prakash did penance to lord hrishikesh narayan who pleased by his devotion granted him a boon where he witnessed the true form of the lord narayana. Historically the name appears in the skandapurana and in folk culture it has come to be known as rishikesh since then, it is also named as kubjmarjak because lord Vishnu appeared here under a mango tree. This ancient name is recited while conduting religious rituals and rites till date. The city is spread around in an area of 11,20 sq km and has a population of approximately 80,000. It is 40 km away from Dehradun , the capital of the state of uttarakhand and only 24 km away from another holy city haridwar , on the banks of the ganges and surrounded by the beautiful shivalik hills of the lesser Himalayas. Rishikesh happens to be the base for the famous chardhaam pilgrimage and as a gateway for the garhwal Himalayan region.

Yoga In Goa

The historic and mesmerizing coastal state of Goa is world renowned for its natural beaches, coastal vegetation and multi ethnic populace. It includes plantation of coconut trees and various spices and dry fruits as well, it is one of the important centres of the konkan coast on the western coast of INDIA, it has been a hot centre for Europeans since 17th century and travelers and traders have been visiting quite often and since historic times and under Portuguese rule for nearly two centuries a multi cultural blend of Indian and European cultures is the main attraction here. Goa has been the most favorite destination for foreign tourists from cooler regions of Europe Canada and America who flock in huge numbers during the months of November till February. The vedic yoga school is situated on the pristine and serene beach of this beautiful place providing an opportunity of yogic practice for the tourists and people visiting at this time to relax and rejuvenate their senses , with a heart filling , exciting cheerful day of practice with the yogis of the school it is no less than a full day’ charge up and relaxation. The goa branch of the school is functional for all interested participants for daily sessions throughout the winter months of the season starting from November till February

Yoga In Thailand

As a part of the mission the yogic message is being spread by yogis of the school and likewise has extended it’s branch in the eatern nation of Thailand where the teachers of the school have been consistently providing yoga classes to the general masses of Thailand in the traditional and pure lines of vedic wisdom as is done back in rishikesh. Spreading the vedic wisdom among the thai people it also attracted attention of many yoga aspirants for the teacher tranining course while the school continuously shares traditional culture with this historic land. Vedic yoga school and it’s friendly organizations have been organizing yoga festivals in the capital city of Bangkok which attracts more attention of the local people and also the tourists from all around the word


Situated in the backdrop of the snow capped and misty great Himalayan mountains city of dharamshala is a divinely peaceful and mesmerizingly beautiful which comes in the mountain state of himachal Pradesh. It is well connected by roads to all major cities of northern part of india. Dharamshala is an interesting multi ethical junction of people where foreign tourists flood in numbers to enjoy the peaceful and cool summers , also it is an important center of Buddhist culture and religion and Tibetan culture where the refugee Tibetan government functions from making it a city of multi ethnic population. Vedic yoga school in this mission to spread the essence of traditional yogic wisdom and also conducts yoga classes while developing on the foundation of the teacher training course so that the general folk of the region can also imbibe the essentials of yogic practice and bliss of the yogic wisdom for self enhancement rejuvenating and freshening up for the day while the beautiful splendor of the region is something everyone would look out for