Covid 2019 and Yoga Practice


Yoga Practice & Covid 2019

Many of us want to know that is there any cure for the deadly CORONA virus. The answer is simply yes. There might be no vaccine yet but we must not forget that CORONA virus feeds on your lower immunity levels and then infects the respiratory system to degenerate it. Well, there is good news for all the yoga practitioners out there, yogic practice is actually one of the routines and practices which offers you some of the other boost preventing the outbreak of this virus within your body.

Any pathogen or viral organism tends to reside within our mucous. The yogic cleansing process of nasal cleansing and kapala bhati which all of us know are most commonly practiced to clear any thick mucus or nasal blockage helps in removing any such pathogen beforehand. Hence the very first process of yogic practice cleansing offers a respite from any infection of this kind. Secondly, even if you haven’t contracted the virus as such still being practitioners your immunity levels will remain all charged up hence leave aside viral any type of pathogen won’t find its way through your well seasoned and practice hardened body.

The practice of pranayama (breath extension) in itself has both physical and mental benefits when we talk about mental and physical health status. Breath extension increases the vital capacity of the lungs and stretches and relaxes it, unlike any other exercise we do. Not to mention the mental calm and composure the practice of pranayama provides you with along with the physically enhanced lung capacity. The practice of pranayama is again providing the respiratory boost and tremendous energy to the whole respiratory mechanism. What more to say the yogic practice can combat and defeat coronavirus infection both physically and mentally. The yogic practitioner can combat any illness with his/her infinite joy and fearlessness.

Written By:Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji