Corona Lockdown:


Corona Lockdown: A Yogic Opportunity

The whole world is facing the global pandemic of coronavirus outbreak. Not to mention we have come to such a point that we are now within the confines of our walls. Maintaining distance from one another and moreover isolating ourselves completely is the order of the day for all of us. In one way it seems that the medical world is combating a dangerous problem but as practitioners, this is a great time to be with self. The whole ideology and practice of yoga aims at diving within and seeking within. Consider that nature has given each one of us an opportunity to be with ourselves, know ourselves and contemplate ourselves as much as we can.

All of us have ample time and as practitioners, before we used to make out schedules, switch routines and manage. Now you can imbibe the golden aspects of meditation and even contemplate the various kriyas and other yogic routines all day throughout. In fact, for a devoted practitioner, such self-contemplation and that too without the hassle of being bothered by anything external can work wonders. The practitioner of yogic cult sought the refuge of caves and isolated areas away from the societal setups, here we have an opportunity similar to be with ourselves and contemplate the glorious treasures our divine nature has a store in for us.

In short practice as per your convenience, contemplate and go through the regimes and knowledge you always wanted to but had no time. Eat healthy, light and as pure and natural as ever since you have all the time to follow the yogic diet. What you will experience is that although it might seem s global catastrophe but actually it is a silent opportunity for all of us to become better and enhanced yogis because mother nature is also revitalizing itself.

Written By:Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji