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Bhramari Pranayama: How to do it?

Now we come to another of the well-known pranayama techniques which are famously known as bhramari pranayama. The Sanskrit word bhramari literally means “sounding like a bee” and the very name is inspired by the typical sound which is uttered while practicing this pranayama. This pranayama technique involves the complete nose or in other words both the nostrils participate in inhalation and exhalation alike the bhastrika pranayama. Certain gestures using both hands are used so that the eyes are kept closed while the pranayama is performed. Let us see in detail how this pranayama is practiced. First of all, attain a comfortable and still seated posture and check for the nasal passages so that they are clear before proceeding to the next step.
Now once we have attained the comfortable seated posture use both your hands in a manner that your thumbs are used to gently close both of your ears. Then the next two fingers are gently placed over the already closed eyes while the remaining two fingers are placed near the nostrils

Try breathing in deeply for a few cycles to feel this whole gesture now that you have attained it. By closing your ears and gently feeling both your eyes you can actually feel and contemplate the breathing going within the body. Now start inhaling through both the nostrils in the same deep and calm manner until no more breath can be taken in by the lungs. Once completely filled hold for a few seconds comfortably.
Next, as you start exhaling utter a deep and continuous bee-like humming sound as you go on exhaling the complete breath and continue this deep humming bee sound until you have completely exhaled out.

Once the complete breath has been exhaled out the humming comes to a gentle stop and after a moment’s pause begin the next cycle by again inhaling in the same manner as before and continue doing to progress in the practice of bhramari pranayama. The bee-like humming sound is made with the lips closed and this sound would reverberate all within you as you would feel vibrating with this sound in harmony. Actually, your bee-like utterance is nothing but the utterance of deep chant of the divine syllable of AUM (OM) with your lips closed. Try and contemplate your utterance as if chanting AUM deeply while exhaling and your lips closed.
Bhramari Pranayama has a tendency of soothing and naturally create an internal cooling effect within the body. This is one of the pranayama practices which tend to detach yourself from the external environment while feeling and moving towards your deeper internal self both physically and mentally. Alike all pranayama practices it will diminish your stress, pain, and discomfort in emotions, thoughts and being a natural coolant provides similar benefits. Practice this pranayama to establish a rhythm while you progress and at least go on practicing for 6-8 cycles when practicing pranayama. Increase your number of cycles and duration as your capacity and potential continues to increase. .

Written By: Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji