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Udgeeth Pranayama: How to do it?

Udgeeth Pranayama is one of the practises where you can both feel your energy levels as well as the potential and capacity all in a flow. The very nature of this pranayama makes it quite enjoyable and at the same time connects you with your divine self closely. The Sanskrit word udgeeth means “ deep and rhythmic chant” hence this pranayama involves a deep and rhythmic chant of the divine syllable of AUM(OM), AUM is the most perfect and complete name of the almighty eternal supreme soul ( GOD) in the Vedic scriptures and ancient Indian tradition. Let us know more about this unique pranayama practise and also find out how you continue to seek your own divine self through it.
First of all, be seated in a comfortable and still seated posture while checking for your nasal passages so that they are clear and smooth.

Next to keeping your spine erect and closing your eyes try and feel the breathing for a few moments. Now you start inhaling through both your nostrils in a deep and gradual manner until no more breath can be taken in by the lungs. Once you have completely inhaled take a brief pause of few seconds and then just by folding your lips like a small orifice utter the continuous and deep chant of the AUM(OM) syllable as you exhale out.
NContinue the deep and rhythmic AUM chant while you exhale out and once you feel the exhalation nearing its completion conclude the chant with a deep M( or mmmmmmmmmmmmm) closing your lips until you have completely exhaled out. The exhalation of breath takes both the nasal passage as well as the passage of your mouth along with the deep and continuous AUM chant which you do. Once completely exhaled out you conclude the AUM chant and after a brief pause of silence continue with the next cycle of similarly inhaling as you did before and then the deep and rhythmic utterance of AUM syllable while exhaling. Likewise chanting the divine syllable of AUM in udgeeth pranayama progress in your practices for several cycles.
A few points to keep in mind is that the lips have to be opened like a fine orifice and the chant originates from the voice box progressing out of this fine orifice in a smooth and continuous rhythm. The syllable chant can be contemplated as such AUUU----UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---UMMMM----MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM progressively in four parts as it has been portrayed. Udgeeth pranayama has a tendency of invoking and channelizing the heating effect or igniting the fire within. This warmth spreads throughout the body equally and tries and visualizes only the syllable of AUM while practising udgeeth pranayama. By calling out the divine creator’s name in a devotional and rhythmic manner starts connecting you with your deeper self where this very divine self resides.

Written By: Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji