Kundalini Chakras


Kundalini Chakras

The wisdom of yoga is one of the few schools of thought where practise and theory go hand in hand and in fact by practising one can unlock the theoretical portion by experience and feeling the various changes happening within oneself. Now, here comes a curious doubt that how can one know just by practising all that has been written down in the scriptures and go on knowing more and more to witness extraordinary hidden information within this very self? To answer that I won’t go on writing volumes rather give you a simple example in a sentence: we already have and possess the complete information within our consciousness, in our lives and specifically in yogic practise we just unlock the infinite chambers of our own conscious self which is actually the divinity within us. Now I don’t need to tell anyone of you about the various CHAKRAS, reading this article many of you or even a beginner of yogic practise knows about it since it is again one of the most talked-about and popularised notions of yogic wisdom. As it is in my nature I begin with the name itself, the word CHAKRA means “wheel” or you can say “circle” but this wheel or circle is in continuous motion. Believe me, this motion is very quick and if anyone is asked to contemplate its actual nature then the simile given for this fast-moving wheel is akin to that of a tremendous whirlpool. There are seven main chakras and let us first see how they have been laid down and what they mean.

1.MULADHAR (meaning: the base of all existence) it is the first chakra starting from the very base or root of the spinal cord (taken as reference).
2.SWADISTHAN (meaning: where your being is established) this is the second chakra as one ascends along the spine also known as sacral chakra (sexual organs).
3.MANIPUR (meaning: the city of jewels) is the third chakra in ascension and is placed on the navel region hence the navel chakra.
4.ANAHATA (meaning: undisturbed or unstuck) is the fourth chakra in ascension and is placed in the region of heart hence the heart chakra.
5.VISSHUDHA (meaning: especially pure) is the fifth chakra in ascension and is placed in the throat region hence the throat chakra.
6.AJNA (meaning: command) is the sixth chakra in ascension and is placed on your forehead right between the upper region of both the eyes. It is also called as the THIRD EYE or the third eye chakra.
7.SAHASTRARA(meaning: a thousand-petaled ) is the seventh and final chakra in ascension placed on the top of your skull, the region known as the soft spot or the crown of the head. Hence it is also known as the crown chakra.

These seven chakras are the levels or staircase which a practitioner journey’s through one by one and these seven ascended levels hold the sum total of the divine consciousness which resides within each of us. The CHAKRAS can be discussed in volumes but for a practitioner this is a firsthand introduction to the divine energy levels residing within all of us.

Written By:Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji