Kundalini Chakras


Muladhara Chakra: the base of all existence

The very first chakra located right at the beginning of the spinal column is known as MULADHARA (ROOT+ FOUNDATION). The two words conjoin to form the basic sense of this primal chakra which translates to be “where the basic roots are established”. The theory of chakras comes with a long list of associated spiritual parameters as well. The most important being the fundamental elements (MAHABHOOT) associated with each of them. In the case of MULADHARA, the associated element is PRITHVI( = earth). Apart from this, there are a number of petals, associated syllable and respective deities and other such spiritual dimensions along with the color as well.

MULADHARA chakra is where the KUNDALINI is supposed to be dormant in deep sleep coiled and being the very first Chakra this chakra is also known as the root chakra. In a manner of saying it is the actual root of this complete divine tree of human consciousness. As mentioned before each chakra has a certain level of self-realization, here the practitioner realizes the very root of his existence. This chakra is the representative of the basic material nature around us which is perceived by the senses as well as present as far as we can find it, commonly known as matter. The very element of EARTH symbolizes the form, shape, and size of material nature. For a common folk and also for the entire living species they are continuously intermingled with the material nature all around them. Our very planet EARTH is the key indicator of what matter is, beyond that too the perceivable material form of existence is understood through this very root chakra since it is the first step of realization for anyone of us.

This realization begins for each and every creature since birth as we come in contact with it every time and everywhere. Our own shape, size, and structure are also part of this material aspect which is generally known as matter. That is what PRITHVI element represents. The Muladhara or root chakra is essentially the knowledge and realization of this material form in totality, something which we are continuously engaged in as we dwell, live and understand it firsthand as whatever is perceivable right in front to the senses is the very thing we comprehend. People spend lifetimes contemplating and understanding this material nature. A scientist researching on natural laws and a simpleton living a routine life contemplate this material nature in their own ways. A practitioner though takes a straightforward yet guided path and through self-realization of the material nature of self contemplates the same by activating and completely knowing about their physical self the very first thing they do when the practice is initiated and is continued hence. The root chakra paves the way for the KUNDALINI to begin its process of ascension ahead moving through the spine upwards.
The MULADHARA chakra corresponds to the anal region within the physical body.

Written By:Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji