Introduction to Mind


Introduction to Mind?

You may be surprised at this healing. There are few people in the world who don’t know the name of mind. Learned or ignorant, villager or townsman, civilized or uncivilized, most people are familiar with the world “mind”. The mind has special importance in the Vedas also. From time immemorial arguments and differences of opinion exist in relation to mind.

In the time of king janaka, various spiritual conferences were organized, and the main topic of discussion was simply this mind. There has been much anxiety in the human race on this question of mind, due to ignorance of its essential nature and its functions. Many functions are even attributed to mind which don’t belong to it.Mind along is the cause of bondage and liberation of human beings.

Such statements have often been misunderstood. Mind and intellect have been considered one and the same, therefore, there has been confusion regarding their functions. Intermingling of their good and bad functions was all attributed to the mind and human beings had no clear idea what this mind could.

This is not just the fault of ordinary people. Learned scholars have studied the scriptures and passed on their knowledge to the general public without themselves attaining realization. Nor did they strive to achieve proper research in this matter as is done in most subjects nowadays.