What is Samadhi?


What is Aum?

This is the primal sound. This is the name of Brahman or god. AUM stands for Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. It stands for the whole universe made up of triguna-s or the triple manifestations of nature. They are sattva-guna, inactivity. Esoterically, Aum stands for our physical, astral, and causal bodies, and indicates Atma stands for our physical, astral, and causal bodies.

And indicates Atma which is beyond the three. A is guttural, U is middle, and M is the labial or end of the vocal cord. In short, Aum stands for all that are manifested and unmanifested. It is the word from everything has come. It is the Nada-Brahma or sound-Brahma. It is the bija or seed Mantra and is usually prefixed to all the other Mantras.Om is the Eternal; Om is this entire universe. Om is the syllable of assent. Saying”Om! Let us hear” they begin the citation. With Om, they sing the hymns of the samba Veda.

With “om shom” they pronounced the sastra-s.Om is Brahman. Om is the sound which projected the universe. During comic dissolution, the universe in Om. Om has no beginning. Om has no end. Om was before time was created. Om is beyond time, space, and causation. Om is beyond past, present, and future. Om is beyond nether, earth, and ethereal regions. Om is beyond sattva (brilliance), rajas (passion), and tames (darkness).Om is the one quest of all the saints. Om is one search of all sages. Om is the one search of all the science.

Om is the one goal of all the souls. Om is the one truth which is worshipped in diverse ways.Om brings equilibrium Om brings wisdom. Om is the root. Om is the support. Om pervades all. Om brings peace, bliss, and power. Om kills the ego, desires, and doubt. Om is the abode of the soul. Om is the language of god. Om is expressed by god. Om expresses god, Om is god.

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