What is Yoga?


What is Yoga?

This might be the thousandth time you would be going through a similar article or similar page. Well if you are of course you are trying to find the answer to this question which is so very complex and simple at the same time. Talking in broad terms if I try to explain anything on the same lines it would be attempting to fill a jug full of the ocean that is how complex this question is. But let’s make it simple and proceed what actually we are trying to understand once we ask this question. Since all of us are aware of the physical, mental and spiritual routine (as of course the reason why you are reading this blog page) we would try to maintain the same. But first we must know the very word we use, simple enough Yoga means “ union”, it can also mean “ to add” and even “ to join” all the meanings equally applicable when we talk about yoga as we know all around us.

Now coming to the practise straightaway since we have established the yoga we are concerned with. After the meaning of the word, we can say a few things which this practise consists of and of course, you might have already heard of and maybe even into one or the other somehow. The physical and mental body of practices contains various sections beginning from purifying procedures ( body and mind), then moving to numerous body postures ( ASANAS) then we have various body gestures (MUDRAS), we move on further we have various breathing techniques coming under the section named PRANAYAM , then we move on and we come to the most sought after technique known as meditation ( in Sanskrit known as DHYAN) and I think that is most of it or at least what we can generally consider being the set of practices. Quite good enough, now we can add various vital physical techniques to it known as KRIYAS, next we have a cardiovascular physical routine as well known as SUKSHMA VYAYAM( body exercises) and if I think that is that in a manner of saying. The above-mentioned processes are both physical and mental in nature meaning they actively involve your efforts and strength along with the involvement of your mind also known as mindfulness. Typically saying when you are attempting to do a yogic posture it is well instructed to have your mind deeply involved in the posture so as to maintain it. That is a simple example of showing what we mean by body and minds both.

So this way we have actually laid down in brief about what we can understand by yoga. Of-course add to the list the final few elements of SAMADHI( trance) , which is of course the final and ultimate stage which yogic practise aims to achieve , which is of course equally challenging and takes your utmost discipline of body and mind both. In the way while you practise discipline also includes conditioning of your behaviour and patterns of routine and even eating. For once you step into your practise it is actually going to take you out of your shell of life finally leading to the union of your true self.

Written By:Yogi Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh Ji