Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Sanskar yogashala?

    Sanskar yogashal is a Vedic school that offers a range of retreat course and teacher training courses. Sanskar Yogashala is registered with yoga Alliance U.S.A. Our foundation for imparting knowledge is the ancient sanatan gurukul system of education.

  • How to Reach Sanskar Yogashala in Rishikesh?

    You arrive at Delhi airport from where you can either choose to take a car or you can arrive by air which lands at jollygrant airport ( Dehradun). It will take around 7 hours by car and nearly 1 hour by air. We will provide you with full assistance for your conveyance in reaching sanskar yogashala.

  • How can I become a certified yoga teacher or yoga instructor?

    To become a certified yoga teacher you must successfully complete yoga teacher training course and show commitment and dedication in your ability as a yoga teacher. Please find out what minimum requirements are there from the yoga alliance organisation web page.(

  • Is your school registered with yoga Alliance and your yoga teacher training Certificate valid internationally?

    Yes, sanskar yogashala (RYS 200) is a registered yoga school with yoga alliance USA for proving international yoga teacher training certification in India. All our yoga teacher training certifications can be verified from the yoga alliance webpage.

  • How do I register for yoga teacher training course?

    You can submit your application online or download and sent it by email through the online application process. You will receive a mail from us to pay a booking amount of 300 US $ through pay pal. Please note that booking amount is not refundable and likewise your booking is confirmed.

  • Weather in Rishikesh & recommended clothing?

    From April to june the weather is hot while from july to august the weather is rainy raining so cotton clothing would be feasible during this part of the year. From October to February the weather is cold and woolen clothing is preferable.

  • Will you handle travel arrangements for me once I arrive in India?

    Yes, we will provide you with all travel arrangements for which you are free to contact us anytime.

  • What should I wear during the yoga class ?

    White coloured and light clothing is preferable. Please avoid wearing dark colours.

  • Why should we join Sanskar Yogashala?

    Sanskar yogashala offers the ancient vedic way of teaching where you would enjoy a blissful experience of yogic learning in a cheerful and open environment developing on the lines of the guru-shishya tradition( master-pupil tradition). Here you would enjoy the soothing companionship with fellow aspirants while learning like a family away from your home.

  • Can I use my credit card to pay Remaining course fee in Rishikesh?

    Yes, we are accepting credit card payment for our courses. Also Remember that fee can be paid by cash or by ATM and Debit Card payable at Rishikesh.

  • Which kind of Visa do I need to apply for?

    You must apply for tourist visa while you are visiting India and the purpose of your visit must specify travelling within the Indian dominion. An invitation letter is not required while you are applying for tourist visa( please don’t mention about joining yoga TTC course in your visa form).

  • What kind of food you offering?

    We are providing sattvic organic food during our Teacher Training course.

  • If I cannot join your course can I stay at your place?

    Yes you can stay at our place but you must attend atleast one class a day.

  • What kind of benefit can I see in my life if I join Sanskar yogashala?

    After joining sanskar yoga shala you will experience a complete modification at the emotional and mental level and find an enhanced and more positive self till you would have concluded your stay with us.

  • What kind of yoga practice would you teach?

    We teach the ancient Vedic yoga system which comes directly from our ancient seers of eternity.

  • How can I get help from Sanskar yogashala?

    The sanskar yoga family would help you in the best of ways providing you with the desired knowledge that you seek and more than the change what you will be expecting from us with regards to your physical, mental and emotional health. We are always there to help you.

  • Do you provide Laundry service & internet?

    Yes, we would provide you with both internet and laundry facility. You would get free WIFI service at your place of residence. Laundry facility is chargeable at 20 rupees per cloth with ironing.